web design trends 2019

Web design trend you will notice 2019. With the new year comes new digital trends, such as the ever-changing world of User Experience (UX) web design. I’m sure if you took a moment to think back through the last few months and your experience with websites, you would probably be able to think of a handful that stuck out to you based on their user-friendly interface and appealing layout. The same goes for the websites you visited that were a terrible user experience – they stick with you and leave a negative connotation with the brand.

In today’s saturated and vast online world,  a creative web design and an amazing user experience are not unique – they’re expected. Therefore, we took the time to highlight these UX and design trends we think will make a major impact in the web design world this year. One trend you might notice throughout the article is the fact that designers are using video and movement opportunities to grab the users’ attention and keep visitors on the page for longer periods of time.

Web Design Trend #1: Rotating Animations

disruption company

What is the ultimate web design strategy that will keep users coming back to your site? Try switching up your content! The Disruption Company leaves users curious for more because every time you refresh the homepage you’ll see a new and innovative brand video they’ve created for the homepage. We’ve seen some brands rotate the titles of articles or call-outs as well. These options could leave users with a unique experience on your website every time they visit.

Web Design Trend #2: Designs Containing Gradients

stripe example

When Instagram rebranded their logo to the magenta gradient it is now, people definitely noticed. It was so different from the style at the time, but their decision to modernize gradients impacted design as a whole and has now become a popular design choice among creatives. Another example of a modern gradient can be seen on stripe’s website.

Web Design Trend #3: Creatively Utilizing Color Branding

camden town brewery design

A web design trend that we are loving is the multiple color branding look. Companies like Camden Town Brewery are moving towards a web design that is branded based on page or product and changes when the user navigates and interacts with the product or pages. This web design subconsciously helps the user navigate through the site and associate which product or service page they’re looking at solely based on visual color cues.

Web Design Trend #4: Abstract Shapes Will Get Attention

elije group web design

A web design trend that we are loving is the use of abstract shapes. We have begun to see brands move towards versatile shapes that give an extra element of intrigue for users. The eljegroup does a great job of introducing abstract shapes and graphics that resemble a lava lamp and will keep users intrigued. Notice this company has also started integrating modern gradients in their designs!

Thinking about your own Website design?

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