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Custom Website

Custom website advanced development to your needs. Develop and design a website that meet your requirements beyond any limitations.

Basic Website

Basic website development including informative, corporate or any other type of website with SEO in mind, modern design and mobile friendly.


Design micro-site or blog for your personal or business needs such as marketing material associated to a campaign.


Ready to sell your products online? Develop an e-shop to sell your products online and get benefits from online shopping.

Mobile Friendly
Responsive Design

Your website should be functional
and look great in every device

Wizzweb can develop a wide variety  of Mobile Friendly
websites as well as custom Mobile Applications.
We make sure you have a quality presence on mobile devices.

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Attention to detail

design with a purpose


A website that works

for you and your business


Design is important

from the first impression to the user experience

We like to go by the book, and follow the best practices and processes to fully meet your expectations.


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